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General information about our puppies

Hello !!!
Our puppies have a great character and are really immuned. Parents are free from Dysplasia and eyes diseases. It's the most important for us that our puppies are healthy, happy and faithful. They should always support their owners (in dog's way - it means, by bringing happiness and security).
Thanks to the customers, who send us mails, postcards and letters, I can present you our puppies characters: 1) Female, that is in Germany: "... she guards sheep and goats. She has her animal friend, that he guards and protects from bigger animals. She loves hunting on pheasants. 2) Husband, wife and two children - now there are five members of their family :) Thanks of our puppy of course. It's a typicalfamily dog - doesn't guard animals, doesn't hunt, but is indispensable. 3) Man on a wheelchair - the dog is really faithful, is attached to me. I feel save with my great companion! He's always with me.
Just as I've mentioned before. Our puppies health is a very important thing. We like watching them growing strong, healthy and happy^^. We want our customers to be happy, that they bought a puppy for us. Our dogs always represant our breeding. "It's not an art to buy champion - an art is to breed him" - That's our goal. If you are interested in buyin a puppy, write E-mail: I check my mailbox evry week.

We accept an order to akita inu puppies

We accept on order to our puppies. As usual, they'll be professionally bred.