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Akita inu female dog

akita inu To make a good choice we have to be aware of differences between a bitch and a dog. When it comes to the appearance and structure, the female is about 61cm high and a little longer than a dog of the same race. It's smaller, moves freely and with grace. She's cleaner, and her look can seduce everyone. Akita inu bitch is protective and she respects her owner.

Ok but what about an estrous cycle?
What about all the dogs that can't leave my akita alone?
Should every bitch have puppies? At least once?

As for the last qouestion - of course not. If someone doesn't believe, than the visit at the vet clinic should be enough to make him believe.

As for an estrous cycle, akitas have it twice a year. Older bitches might have it once a year. What to do then? In that case you have to keep your bitch far from dogs. I know, that there are many medical methods to solve this "problem" but I don't use them so I won't write anything about them.

If you are the owner of a female akita inu and if you think sth in this article is not right, or that it should be developed - send me an E-mail and I will publish it here.