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Akita Inu

The name of this athletic Japanese spitz comes from Akita province on Honsiu island. In his surroundings akita used to be a police dog or a watchman. Nowadays, he's rather a family pupil.

Japanese akita is one of three living in Japan spitzes. He hasn't changed his look for about 300 years. Akita was earlier known as a perfect hunter (boars, stags and even bears), he also took part in dog fights. Fortunately, this 'sports' entertainment is nowadays forbidden in Japan. It's well known (expecially in the land of blossom cherry tree) , that akita is a faithful companion. There's a monument of Hachiko at the railway station of Shibuya in Tokyo. This faithful dog waited about 10 years in the same place for his owner. Right after the second world war akita was imported to the USA by american soldiers coming back from Japan.

Appreciated for his strength and courage akita is easy to train, faithful and really attached to the human he loves. Japanese akita inu is a typical hunter (even after so many years when people hunted with them together in the woods) - akita retrieves excellent (even in deep snow or water). Japanese akita is connected with Japan. Since 1931 akita inu champions have been regarded as "national treasure". HEAD - in balance with body, massive. EYES - dark brown, in a triangular shape, small. EARS - triangular in shape, characteristic for the breed. NECK - muscular, short. TAIL - full, large, carried over back, set high. COAT - thick ,soft; short on head, ears and legs. COLOR - any color. SIZE - females: 24 yo 26 inches, males: 26 to 28 inches.

(Material comes from the book "Księga Psów")

Hachiko's monument

Hachiko's monument was built in April 1934 by the sculptor Teru Ando. During the second world war the monument was destroyed (army needed bronze). In 1948 the monument was rebuild by Takeshi Ando, Teru Ando's son. Everyone in Japan knows the story of Hachiko dog. It's even more popular thanks to the movie "Hachiko monogatari" ("The story of Hachiko"). Hachiko dog, in Japan known as chuken Hachiko (faithful dog Hachiko), belonged to professor of the Royal University of Tokyo - Eisaburo Ueno. Hachiko was bought and imported to Tokyo from Odate town (Akita province) in 1924. He was akita inu - one of Japanese spitzes. Hachiko and professor were best friends. The dog saw his owner off at the railway station Shibuya every day and then came there again when professor were back from the University. On the 21st of May professor suddenly suffered a stroke at the University and died. In this day Hachiko didn't meet his owner, but he kept on coming at the railway station every day for over 10 years. Many people saw him there. On the 7th of March the faithful dog was, as usual, waiting for his owner, for his friend. Later this day people found his dead body in the same place. Till his very last moment - Hachiko was waiting...All big Japanese papers wrote about it. For many Japanese people Hachiko is still a symbol of loyalty.

(Material comes from polish site in Japan)