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Diera from Grodzki Zakątek

Choosing a good breeding is the first step to have an ideal - healthy and smart - dog. But it's also the most difficult one. When I looked for a breeding I tried to avoid 'puppy mills', where dogs are 'produced not bred. At last I found Grodzki Zakątek and it was a well-aimed shot! It's a great breeding: dogs are well-kept, they spend a lot of thim with their breeders and they run a lot. Females I saw (one of them fed her litter and the other one was about to have one) were in a great condition - strong, happy, well-fed and with a beautiful, thick hair. Puppies are the picture of health (it's the best proof, that they are bred in good living conditions). Young dogs, that are fed badly and kept in dirt have hard tummies and stomach trouble. Very often they've also eczema on skin.

Dogs from Grodzki Zakątek have a very good character. I can see it every day when I walk my Diera. Her parents are Kozutsu and Saba - my puppy looks just like her daddy:-) (only ears are after mother). Although Diera is still young, she's incredibly calm and brave. She learns quickly and what's more she does it with pleasure:-) Her trainer said, that she was very intelligent. She's also faithful and really attached to y family. Diera tries to defend her territory and she's a good watchman. Diera, like all akita dogs, is gentle to older people. Young children can do almost everything they want with her and she's not angry with them. Children living next to me are crazy about her:-)

She arouses interest with her appearance - thick, red hair, almond eyes, proud step. When I walk a dog I often talk to other people. They're enchanted when they see Diera and I always have to answer many questions about her. People wanted to buy her two or three times but I didn't agree because I could never do sth like this. Diera is a member of our family. People, whose dogs take part in dog shows, keep telling me, that I should try and participate in a dog show because Diera has a big chance to suceed:-)I'm always proud when I hear it, because it means, that not only me but also other people think, that Diera is a wonderful dog. It makes me feel, that I made a good choise when I bought a puppy from Grodzki Zakątek. I can't even remember how my home looked like before but I'm certain, that it was sadder without Diera!

Ola Barkas
24.05.2007 Warszawa

Blanka and Nuta from Grodzki Zakątek

Thanks to Grodzki Zakątek breeding we have two lovely female dogs. They're great watchmen and companions. We really love Nuta and Blanka. They're dogs we always dreamt of.

Magda and Tomek
25.05.2007 Koszalin

Dina from Grodzki Zakątek

We were looking long time for a perfect dog. Thanks to Grodzki Zakątek breeding we already have it! Dina from Grodzki Zakątek is an amazing puppy - everybody sees it when I walk her. We live in Germany and I'm surprised, that so many people are interested in our pupil. They just ask from where I bought Dina and that she's so cute. Dina is an intelligent and faithful dog. We're happy we found Grodzki Zakątek breeding. Dogs there are in good hands of their breeders:)We fell in love with Dina and I beg she loves us too!

Malgorzata and Krzysztof Koczyba
11.06.2007 Gelsenkirchen

Dula from Grodzki Zakątek

our dog is uncommon: clever, smart, learns quickly, made no damages at home and garden. She's not noisy but is perfect as a watchman. She isn't aggressive but she's suspicious about strangers. For my family Dula is an angel and pet. She's at 0,5 a year now, but already beautiful. Many people say "What a lovely teddy bear" or "she's so cuuuute^^" We've just come back home from our one week mountain trip. There were no problems with Dula. She likes cars and as far as I'm concerned- loves mountains:D

Ania C.
15.06.2007 Łęgowo